Determining Payouts Based on Moneyline Odds

The prevailing method utilized by bookmakers in the United States to present the odds on wagers is the moneyline format. Therefore, it is not uncommon to hear moneyline odds denoted as American odds. They may consist of either a positive or negative value. A positive value indicates the potential profit from a $100 winning venture, whereas a negative value indicates the minimum amount that must be wagered in order to achieve a $100 gain.

This page demonstrates the process of deriving prospective payments and profits from moneyline odds. A comprehensive infographic and a compensation chart are also provided as helpful references and visual summaries, respectively, on this page.

Determining Payouts Based on Odds on Positive Moneylines

To compute the potential profit of a wager featuring positive moneyline odds, one may utilize the subsequent straightforward equation.

Profitability Potential = Stake multiplied by (Odds/100)
It is essential to consider the fact that a winning wager results in the return of your initial investment when computing your overall compensation. A pair of examples will be used to illustrate how this operates.

Initial Example: $10 Stake at +120
Potential Profit = $12; Total Payout = Profit + Stake = $12 + $10; $10 x (120/100) = $10 x 1.2 = $12
Potential Profit = $54 (Example 2: $30 Stake At +180) $30 x (180/100) = $30 x 1.8 = $54
Profit and stake equal total potential payout of $54 plus $30, or $84
Determining Payouts Utilizing Negative Moneyline Odds
In order to determine the potential profit of a wager featuring negative moneyline odds, an alternative equation must be utilized. It should be noted that in this calculation, the negative indication in the probabilities is disregarded.

Profit Potential = Stake divided by (Odds/100)

Once more, your wager will be incorporated into the calculation of your total compensation. Listed below are some instances of possible rewards.

Particulars: Example 1 – $15 Stake At -150 15% / (150/100) = $15 / 1.5 = $10 Potential Payout = Profit + Stake = $10 + $15 = $25
Potential Profit = $25 Example 2: $50 Stake At -200 $50/(200/100) = $50/2 = $25
Profit plus stake equals total potential payout ($25 plus $50, or $75).

In addition, we have included an infographic that summarizes every piece of information on this page below. This is a helpful resource for individuals seeking a graphical depiction of the process involved in determining compensation when wagering with moneyline odds. You may save this image for your own use or share it with others by utilizing the embed function.

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